My name is Rameez Khan, I have graduated from the University of Leeds in BEng Chemical and Nuclear Engineering. I worked at Schneider Electric for 2 years. On 26th May 2017, I decided to leave my job and pursue to become a Machine Learning Engineer.

Why Machine Learning?

The most compelling thing about Machine Learning is its limitless applications, in so many fields being impacted including education, finance, computer science and more.

I found out about Machine Learning when I heard about AlphaGo won 4 of 5 Go matches against the world’s best Go player. This machine wasn’t given set moves, it learned it all on its own through a process known as ‘Reinforcement learning’. This is where I knew this field is the future which can have the same if not more impact that the industrial revolution did.

So what is this Blog about?

I would blog on what projects I am working on as well as any massive open online courses (MOOC) I take to improve my skills where I share my thoughts on it.

I would be explaining different concepts in Machine Learning as I believe in Feynman’s Technique where if you can easily explain a concept to someone then you truly understand it yourself.