Self-Driving Car Nanodegree

I applied for the Self-Driving Car Nanodegree, and I have got accepted in the July 2017 cohort!

Why I decided to go for Self-Driving Car Nanodegree (SDCND)?

Self-driving cars aren’t on the road yet. But when they are you can be sure they will be changing your economy and society as a whole.

In the future, the technology will free up huge amounts of parking space, better traffic flow as there might be fewer cars on the road. A current typical scenario is where you go to work and your car stays with you at work, doing nothing. In this case, the car can drive you to work and head back home for anyone else to use the car for errands. Or a scenario where you can send you car to Uber/Lyft to taxi for people and make you money while you’re at work.

Not only it will make you more productive, they will be reducing accidents as it will be taking multiple decisions in a couple of milliseconds to keep the driver and pedestrians as safe as possible. See the video below where a Tesla Autopilots predicts accidents, it’s pretty amazing.

This industry still being quite new has a lot of challenges that need to be solved which gets me really excited, some of the challenges are:

  • The ability to respond to spoken commands or hand signals from law enforcement or highway safety employees or reliably recognising traffic lights that are not working.
  • The ability to operate safely in all weather conditions (i.e Heavy Snow)
  • Detecting which small objects in the roadway must be avoided
  • Cybersecurity. So far there is no evidence yet that autonomous cars will be any more secure than other networked computers.

SDCND provides the best of AI and Robotic and with this core knowledge, I hope to get a job in an autonomous car company.



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