What Now?

Coming from an engineering degree where it lacked programming skills, so I knew I had to get more experience before I embark on this journey.

On December 2016 – I started Udacity’s Front-End Nanodegree (FEND), where I start to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I personally believe this was a great place for me, as the project I was working on I get instant gratification when I see that visual change. One of my favourite project from Udacity’s FEND was the Frogger Game Arcade check it out by clicking on the link (Only works for desktop).

While I was doing Udacity FEND, I was also working full time as an Industrial Engineer at Schneider Electric where I would work on this after I come back from work. At work, I was working on a very cool project, (in my opinion) where I created an MS Access database (using VBA and SQL) which the operators working on the factory floor would input data on the things they were working on and I could extrapolate the data and bring new business insight to the stakeholders, this is where I knew I wanted to work with data.

Currently, I have applied to the Self-driving Car Nanodegree where it is a 9-month long course learning about cutting-edge of robotics, machine learning, computer vision. On 13th July I will find out if I have been accepted or not, so really excited about that.

To prepare myself the courses I have completed are;

  • DataCamp – Data Scientist With Python
  • Coursera – Machine Learning by Andrew Ng
  • Udacity – Intro to Machine Learning

What I am working on towards now are;

  • Treehouse – Python
  • HackerRank – Python Challenges
  • Udacity – Artifical Intelligence for Robotics
  • Udacity – Introduction to Computer Vision

I believe this will provide me with a strong foundation to pursue the Self-driving Car Nanodegree, I will keep you guys updated with what happens.



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